Merino Wool Socks for Men & Women.

When it comes to keeping your toes warm in the winter months, nothing is more effective than merino wool socks. And when it comes to finding the most comfortable and sustainable merino socks on the market, there’s only one brand to choose, and that’s MerinoSnug. Our Outback sock has been designed with both comfort and warmth in mind and its classic ribbed design will make sure that your toes stay snug and warm, even throughout the coldest of temperatures. Read More...

Winter woolen socks from a company you can trust.

As with all our woollen clothing and accessories, our merino wool socks are made from the finest eco fiber, which is a clever combination of Eco fur and Australian merino wool grown by woolgrowers from the Australian Wool Network. This new fiber means that our winter woollen socks are both soft and comfortable and hold their shape no matter how many times you wear them. They’re also very durable and long-lasting and, due to the unique WHOLEGARMENT™ knitting technique, they are manufactured without bulky seams that could rub and chafe like other socks. This produces socks that are lightweight but stretchy so that your feet never feel constricted. In short, they’re probably one of the most comfortable and warmest pairs of socks you’ll ever own. But don’t take our word for it; try our merino socks for yourself.

Woolen socks that are perfect for both men and women.

Our merino socks come in sizes from small to large, so whether you’re looking to buy quality merino wool socks for men or you want some hard-wearing merino wool socks for women, you’ll find that our socks are the perfect choice. They’re classic and ever-so-warm, which is why they’ve become a firm favorite with our customers all over the globe. Wherever you are in the world, you can now experience the comfort and durability offered by the wonderful combination of sustainable Australian merino wool and New Zealand eco-fur for yourself, by ordering a pair of our carefully crafted socks online. Each and every pair of our woolen socks undergo strict quality control before they make it to our warehouse, so you can be sure that your socks will arrive on your doorstep, wherever you happen to be in the world, in pristine condition.

Merino eco wool socks are perfect for every lifestyle.

In a nutshell - our merino eco wool socks might be made in Australia, but they’re worn by people all over the world. They’re made from natural fibers that are renewable and sustainable, having the smallest environmental footprints. The fine attention to detail and care taken during the manufacturing process ensures a superior quality product. This translates to a unique wearer experience that has to be felt first-hand (or should that be first foot?).

MerinoSnug also supplies a huge range of women's merino wool coats, merino wool scarves & men's merino wool sweaters.

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